With all your support, we've grown so much in just a short span and we wholeheartedly thank every single one of you out there. Since we're trying our best to provide everyone with great knowledge regarding everything in the world of cybersecurity, there have been few expenditures. We seek your help with that. We would like to bring that to your notification, they include various things as follows :


Women of SECARMY, A Growing Community for Women Passionate About Cyber Security

CTF Events

Capture The Flag Events Organised and Hosted by SECARMY


Weekly Podcast with Cyber Security Experts, Researchers and Bug Hunters


Globle Cyber Security Confrence with Famous Cyber Security Experts


Open Source Cyber Security Resources for Community


Monthly Webinar in Different Cyber Security Domains


Cyber Labs for Practicing Penetration Testing

Community Support

Supporting Other Infosec Communities

We do not want to give any instructions to pay any kind of fee or anything else. We just need your help by contributing to SECARMY with a bare minimum amount of 2 USD only. With this contribution, we'll be able to provide you with great content in the future along with many upcoming challenges and services and we'll be very thankful. Everything great comes at a great price. Where knowledge is absolute, we're trying our best to bring up the best content and knowledge and present it to you at a much cheaper price. Since we're growing so much with the help of all of you, we're trying our best to introduce more and more services that'd provide you with great knowledge to enter the cybersecurity field like webinars, training, CTF challenges and so much more. We'd be really thankful and grateful to you if you help us which in turn would help increase your knowledge and experience only. Thank you so much for joining us and supporting us all the way.
Regards, SECARMY.
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