What is Wireless Pentesting?

Every discovery or invention ever made has some kind of radiation. Sometimes it is a positive vibe radiated, and sometimes it is a negative vibe. Sometimes the radiation is something chemical, and sometimes it is electrical. Every single life depends on such radiation. Even a human body radiates some warmth. Speaking of radiation, let’s talk about the radiations we often use in daily life which is also known as “Electromagnetic Fields” or EMFs that are emitted from a wireless router or what we often call them as “Wi-Fi”. The world is turning digital and so are our needs. Whatever you ask or wish for can be done digitally via the internet. From buying to selling, learning to teaching, paying to receiving, and so much more. You could say, we’re totally attached to the digital life. A Wireless router is one of the most popular sources of access to the internet. Wi-Fi is basically a phenomenon that increases the capability of computer systems and allows them to connect and communicate with each other via the internet or you can say via an EMF. Well, we know that communication between devices is important to share data but is it safe or secure? Maybe or maybe not. Nothing is ever safe in the entire cosmic creation until proper actions have been taken to secure it. Wireless is no exception to it.

Before moving ahead, let’s think about “What does wireless security/pentesting mean?”.

Since the creation of entire existence, there isn’t anything created that isn’t even a little bit flawed regardless of what it is. Since “Wireless” is the star of our eye here, it isn’t anything different. Wireless security simply means protecting our network to secure ourselves from the danger that hovers above us while using the internet. In other words, wireless security refers to the prohibition of access to a computer system for those who are unauthorised so that no one faces any kind of loss. The internet is expanding further and further across the world and so are the dangers crawling in between it. For the sake of our own privacy and peace, it is quite important to have a secure network.

Now let the discussion moves towards wireless pentesting. For proper security to be applied to something, it’s necessary to first analyse as to where that security is needed to be applied. In other words, it is necessary to find all the vulnerabilities or flaws in a system so as to patch it and make it secure. This is known as pentesting in layman’s terms. Pentesting or Penetration testing is basically a process where a tester or hacker tries to hack into a computer system so that he/she can find a vulnerability that allows him/her to get into the system which later on patched up or secured. Wireless pentesting is the same as well. In other words, wireless pentesting refers to the process of withdrawing out vulnerabilities that can allow an attacker/hacker to get into a network and can cause harm to a user.

We’ve discussed the meaning of wireless pentesting; now let’s take steps towards “Why it is necessary?”

The growing and expanding digital world is capable to make your work/task efficient as well as harm or destroy you. An excess amount of something is always dangerous. This applies to a network as well. In the age of cyber technology and ongoing cyber crimes, it is necessary to keep your distance from the harm. Let’s talk about what could happen in an insecure network. Since we’re talking about the wireless network here, let’s face tha facts about that. The spreading of knowledge in the world can only reach so far. But wherever it reaches, there is someone who misuses this knowledge. Some hackers are one of them which you can also call “Black hat hackers”. There are many destructions an attacker can cause if he/she gets into your network. One of the destructive attacks is a “Man in the middle” attack where an attacker can get into your network and control the flow of data through a system to another without any knowledge of the actual users or owners of those systems. Another instance of the attacks is “KRACK” attack where an attacker can break or crack the password security on a network and can intrude into a system and steal your data, payment card details, identity and so much more. An attacker can easily take control over an insecure wireless network or a wireless device and can sniff out sensitive data that you send or receive using that network and use it against you to maybe demand a ransom or maybe hurt you emotionally or someone you care about. In the end, none of these attacks or threats results in anything good.

A lot of words and a lot of explanation all lead up to one single conclusion. The conclusion of the necessity of wireless pentesting and security. There are a lot out there who are capable enough to cause harm to innocent people in the world. A secure wireless network can provide you a safe and peaceful living and this security of wireless can be assured by SECARMY to you. SECARMY stands against all those criminals and will happily and proudly give you satisfactory results for trusting in this community.

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