Women of SECARMY

Who We Are ?

About WoSA

Women of SECARMY is a knowledge and enthusiasts hub which encourages and inspire girls in learning Cyber Security and related. WoSA mainly create awareness among women to learn and explore today’s most hottest trending domain which is Cybersecurity. WoSA conduct various workshops, meet-ups, events, etc bringing CyberSecurity experts to share their experience and skills with learners.
What We Do?

Why WoSA

We are a family of curious learners who invites and encourage women from school students to professionals in showing them the path towards Cyber Security.We spread awareness and opportunities to uplift their future.

Our Aim

Our primary goal is To empower girls in education especially in the field of cybersecurity and aware girls about the Security and power of technology. By conducting conferences, events, workshops etc, we spread awareness and mentorship.


United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

WoSA Leader

Priyanka Muthu

Community Strategist

Anishka Shukla

Team Manager

Devisha Rochlani

Content Head / Social Media Manager

Reza Pradhan

Technical Writer

Harismita Yuvaraj

Graphic Designer

Bhakti Rana